Welcome to my blog. 

An Unedited 15 Minute Blog Post

Hello my sweet blog, I'm writing to tell you that I do remember you. Despite my neglect, you have continually been on my mind. I frequently long for a time when I can dedicate time to expressing myself on this beautiful outlet, but for now I must put my head down and trust God in His perfect timing. My life is a little more than overwhelming right now. With 18 units, a part-time job, planning for the future and trying to maintain excellent grades, my days are jammed packed from the second my alarm rings, to the moment I fall a sleep studying flashcards for my next exam. But my humble blog, before the stress of this semester eventually leaves and I resume writing edited and fun posts, I do want to share my simple revelation this semester, specifically that stress is a blessing. 

Although it is difficult to orientate my mind to view stress as blessing, rather than a curse, it is extremely necessary to do so if I want to survive this period in my life. Many people do not have the opportunity to be stressed, to have their day filled from start to finish, or to get the privilege of taking 6 college courses. And so I tell myself over and over again that in this season of my life, stress is God's gift to me. It’s His beautiful gift to me that teaches me not only to rely more on Him, but also to learn perseverance and grit. I must orientate my brain from the second I wake up and anxiety over takes my body. I must tell myself that learning is a blessing. Being a student is a blessing. My life is a blessing. 

Why is my life a blessing? Because every day I get the privilege of waking up healthy and comfortable. I get the opportunity to walk down my beautiful hall and kiss my daddy as I pour my much needed green tea and prepare for the day ahead of me. Not many individuals get to listen to their head over heels in love parents giggle in the kitchen as they plow through statistic's homework. I have the privilege of taking 6 college courses and growing my brain beyond what I previously thought was possible. Despite the tests, papers, fear of the unknown and endless studying, I absolutely adore my classes and professors. God has given me some of the most encouraging, knowledgable and challenging professors this semester, and they truly make this semester worth it. And of course, I have the blessing of being surrounded by the most selfless, funny and encouraging friends. 

In conclusion, this semester has been one big learning curve that normally consists of me taking life incredibly too seriously and consequently becoming entirely too self-reliant, leading me to fall flat on my face in front of God. But my merciful and loving God uses these moments of weakness to draw me nearer to Him.  Unfortunately during certain periods of my life I can lose sight of the bigger picture. I can fail to take two giant steps back and acknowledge the incredibly temporary nature of our life on earth. This life is but a passage way, but as I continually interact with a world that claims this life is all we have, it is certainly difficult to maintain a eternal mindset. And with this un-edited, raw and not articulate blog post, I will sign-off and resume my ever present pile of homework. But I just wanted to let you know my little outlet for inspiration, that I have not forgotten about you.






The Gift of Quietness