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This morning I rolled over, my tired eyes opened and my heart quickly dropped. I began with my annual 7am coaching session that typically go in a similar manner: "Okay Allie, let's do this. One day at a time you little tiger." But as I slowly and begrudgingly started to crawl out of my warm bed, I looked down to discover that I was still in my festive monkey onesie and my rear was unusually sore for a girl that hasn't gone to the gym for at least a month. And at that moment, my heart suddenly exploded as I realized that this Friday was unique and unlike a majority of my other mornings.  I realized that this particular Friday morning would be filled with hot green tea, warm fireplaces, giggles with my brothers and a nutritious apple pie breakfast. But before I jumped out of bed, flew down the hallway and skated down my runway in my oversized onesie, I sat to reflect on the previous day. There in the comfort of my fluffy bed spread, I reflected on how my previous day which was ironically Thanksgiving, depicted everything that I'm most thankful for. 

My morning reflection began as I rewinded to 7:15am the previous morning and remembered who I was surrounded by when my alarm cheerfully rung and my Thanksgiving day began. Unlike many other days, my Thanksgiving began with the sound of my four siblings obnoxiously laughing and trying to get enough warm layers as they possibly could before we left for our annual Run To Feed The Hungry race. And as I thought about those first 15 minutes of my day, I decided they represented one of the first things I'm most thankful for: My siblings. My siblings truly give me life. Although my siblings are at times witty, obnoxious, inappropriate and annoying, their never ending love and ability to call me out on my sins when necessary, is one of the most securing realities. I adore that despite the number of months we spend apart, our deep sibling bonds never change. It's moments spent jamming out to Gracie's rock music while preparing for our run or skipping down the road hand in hand with my sisters that give an almost otherwise unattainable child-like joy. 

As my mind continued to replay my previous day, I also began to realize that the remainder of my Thanksgiving day continued to represent so much of what I'm thankful for. The remainder of my crisp fall day, filled with all my favorites yummy treats, reinforced just how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I do. A list popped up in my head after I thought about the blessings God gave me the previous day, some of which I don't remember vividly enough to write down, but were equally as important.  Nevertheless my list began with "I'm thankful for." 

For a fantastic pappy who is so high-tech that he snap chatted our entire Thanksgiving day while simultaneously serving and comforting others. For a healthy and loving 80 year old Nonnie who drank her mimosa by the fireplace with me after completing a 10K race just hours earlier. For the opportunity to celebrate my successful Auntie Lelu with a surprise birthday party filled with endless stories and heart-felt acknowledgements. For a brother who sat next to me at the Thanksgiving table and devoured his turkey and ranch covered rolls with pure contentment. For a sister who dropped everything to dance like a crazy woman with me to "I will survive." For best friends who text me "Happy Thanksgiving" and funny memes that make me laugh until I can't breath. For a loving God, who hears my cries of spiritual and emotional exhaustion, continues to strengthen me everyday and provides me with the most amazing family, friends and life. And of course, for so much more. 

So I purposely wanted to write down my cozy reflection that occurred this morning in order to remind myself of all the blessings I do have when the times undoubtably become tough yet again... Because although seasons of delight are beautiful because they contrast discouraging times with encouraging ones, every season is necessary in order to truly appreciate the gifts that God gives us. 

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