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Hello World

Hello World

Insecurity is a funny concept. It’s a concept that I often wonder would exist without the presence of other people, or influence from the world around us. Insecurities can often begin small and harmful, perhaps with a little voice in our head saying, “Wouldn’t it be nice if blank was different about you.” Slowly however, over the next couple weeks, that once harmless voice gets louder and louder, and just like a weed sprouting in the garden, the insecurities we used to caudal, begin to control us. While I could easily write pages and pages regarding insecurities and their destructive influence in my personal life, I desperately want to communicate the remedy to our rapidly controlling insecurities. This remedy I mentioned, the brilliant weed repellent and the powerful healer is named God. True healing is found through humbling yourself in order to truly see the danger of your insecurity. By humbling yourself and bringing your insecurities to God, you allow God to give you a new kind of confidence. A type of confidence that is nonexistent in our culture. A confidence that is not based on your looks, acceptance from others, or status in society. God has blessed us with a confidence from Him; a confidence found through serving Him and using our gifts for His glory. 

So here I am. After years of letting the disgraceful weed of insecurity control my life, I’m slowly beginning to find my confidence and peace through God. My goal this year is to begin to accept my flaws and ignore the voices in my head in order to properly serve my all-mighty Savior.

The Perfect Intervention