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The Perfect Intervention

Ever since I was a little girl, the summer time has been an incredibly comforting time for me. Something about the lazy mornings spent in bed reading and the long afternoons carelessly tanning with friends, reminds me of who I am. After an often never-ending winter, I typically hit a bit of an abrupt wall. Miraculously however, while my initial hit is often created from pain and stress, God has been continually faithful to convert my breaking point into a beautiful break through. God in His glorious and perfect timing presents me with summer break. A summer break that is a continual reminder of His love and care for me. 

Just like a parent grows to know their child's breaking pointing, God has been faithful to intervene just when I think I can't do it anymore. Although I've never deserved His interventions, they ultimately prove His deep love for me. Summer, or in my case the perfect intervention, allows me to reflect on my life. Reflect on the countless blessings I've been shown. Reflect on the raw and often nasty areas where my heart desperately needs repair in. I truly hope I never under estimate the healing power of summer, because I strongly believe one of the most powerful anti-anxiety medicines is a peaceful walk downtown with your best friends, a cruise down the road with the wind in your face, or an ice cream with your parents discussing silly memories. 

Here's to summer and healing. 

The Gift of Quietness

Hello World

Hello World