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The Gift of Quietness

Recently I’ve discovered a remarkable truth, specifically that quietness is a gift, not a curse. Unfortunately over the past couple of years I have begun finding my comfort and refuge in staying busy and being productive, rather than being God’s chosen child. Although my productivity is often fueled by an understanding that God desires me to use my talents and time wisely, I now understand that my desire for productivity can become a threat to my relationship with God if it takes over the time I spend with Him. Working hard without time dedicated to quietness and communion with God, can create an unhealthy pattern of self-reliance in my life. As I become more and more reliant on my achievements for my assurance, I consequently become less reliant on God’s word for my assurance and comfort. However if I call myself a Christian, then the question arises, “if my relationship with God is so exceedingly important to me, why do I run towards productivity, rather than quiet time, in which I could strength my communion with Him?”

The answer to this question is irrational, but nevertheless I have discovered that quietness often scares me because it requires me to take two giant steps back and become at peace with the person God has created me to be without my achievements. God gave me a unique personality and heart to serve Him, but my true identity through Him can become fogged when I look to my achievements to define my personality. Quietness often dramatically forces me to reflect on the way I treat the loved ones in my life and my lack of peace with myself. Without quietness, I can hide behind the success that productivity brings me instead of realizing that the so-called success I find refuge in is completely superficial. The success I find through my earthly achievements is worthless compared to the eternal rewards that serving God brings.

With this being said, I still believe that diligence in work or school can be outlets of worship to God, but they can only be glorious outlets of worship if they are used for furthering His kingdom. Without quiet time spent in communion with God, my productivity and diligence can become idols that tear me away from furthering His glory. So here is to rejoicing and encouraging quiet time, whether on summer break or in the heat of finals, that forces me to find my assurance and strength through God.  


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