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Confessions of a Confused Millennial: Traveling and Personal Development

Confessions of a Confused Millennial: Traveling and Personal Development

There is something particularly humbling about the realization that I get to have unique, paradigm altering experiences not on the basis of anything I did, but rather on the basis of circumstances ordained outside my control. And the act and mindset associated with traveling (specifically to a foreign place) are prime examples of such experiences.

Because when it comes to finding my true identity as a confused millennial, the unique and revealing experiences I have when traveling have been paramount to my personal development.

Let’s look at most recent trip to Costa Rica to demonstrate this point...

Confessions of a Confused Millennial: Rediscovering Myself in Costa Rica.

Although my recent trip brought me undeserved, anxiety free bliss, it’s best to start with some transparency, it was not perfect. But real talk, it’s impossible for any trip is to be perfect because life itself is very, very imperfect. However not to worry, this inescapable imperfection didn’t stop me from pursuing my underlying goals for traveling: self-reflection and healing.

Because regardless of the feat it would require, I knew l that I needed traveling to separate myself from life's craziness and find confidence in my real identity.

Now in all honesty, it was difficult to begin rediscover my real identity--to begin to uncover patched wounds and to evaluate my true goals in life. As a Christian, I like to think that my identity is built on a strong foundation of grace, love and truth, and a relationship with a devoted Savior. Yet despite this strong foundation, I will be the first to admit that my constant, longitudinal surrender to my insecurities has shaped an unfortunate portion of my identity.

But as often happens, my experiences traveling to Costa Rica have accelerated and supported my pursuit to rediscover my true identity. And to become less of a confused millennial.

My most experiences in Costa Rica have forced me to realize my undeserved fortune in life, and thereby the responsibility that such a taken for granted fortune holds. And these two traveling inspired realizations have actually helped me dissect and challenge aspects of my harmful and success orientated identity. Confused?

Here is what I mean. When I look at how blessed I am to have a Christ centered and loving (albeit crazy) familia, to have my every need provided for, and to experience God’s awe-inspiring creation, I am both ashamed and inspired.

Ashamed because despite my undeserved and contrasted fortune, I frequently (if not almost always) find it easier to focus on my misfortune (i.e. anxiety, insecurities, etc.). And inspired because this exposure has encouraged me to responsibly express thankfulness for my fortune, regardless of whatever “misfortune” I think I encounter in my life.

I may never known why God gave me what He did or why he did not give certain other things. But regardless of these lingering doubts, traveling has taught me that my understanding of either of these things does not dictate my ability to glorify Him with my life.

And so as I watch the sun set on this trip, I want to commit to use my fortune to bless humanity and to solidify and share my Christ-centered identity.

Final note:

This is one narrative, from one confused millennial, describing one circumstance. But the lessons I learned from my travels, and the healing I experienced, are no dependent variables. My journey as a confused millennial really comes down to a mindset--a mindset focused on pursuing personal growth. And that is exactly what I want this series to encourage. I want to create a platform where millennials can support and encourage each other in this crazy thing we call emerging adulthood.

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