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4 college workout hacks:

4 college workout hacks:

Working out has been proven to increase endorphins and improve concentration, but in the midst of balancing social engagements, assignments and work, many college students neglect working out. Here are several “Workout Hacks” I’ve discovered that can prevent working out from slipping off a college student’s every-growing to-do list.

Workout Hacks:

  • Find a short, but sweet workout routine.

Contrary to what thousands of fitness inspiration Instagram accounts may argue, working out does not need to be 2 miserable hours long or leave you puking. College is often an incredibly busy time for individuals, so it’s important to find a maintainable workout routine that is both effective and quick. HIIT workout routines, or “High Intensity Interval Training,” typically take around 20-30 minutes, but are proven to be equally as effective as longer, less intensive workouts. HIIT workouts raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular endurance. If you look up HIIT workout routines on Pinterest or Youtube, you will quickly find countless machine, weight and aerobic HIIT routines. Also remember to find a workout routine that you enjoy; don’t be afraid to mix your routine up. Chances are if you find a fun and exciting workout routine, your workout will stand a better chance next to the countless other fun activities you’ll be presented with in college.

  • Try to fit workouts into your schedule.

Busy college students constantly argue that they simply “Don’t have enough time to workout,” and while there is no denying students’ busy schedules, with creativity, fitting workouts into your schedule may be easier than you think. Try leaving for your class 45 minutes early or stopping by the gym on your way home from dinner with friends. Finding simple ways to incorporate workouts into your daily schedule will make working out less intimating and the workouts themselves will improve your mood and productivity.

  • Plan your semester wisely.

If at all possible, try planning your classes with a couple of hours in between that are designated for working out. Last year I had two days a week where I had an hour break in between my classes. Although at first I was tempted to spend my precious free hour browsing funny cat photos on Pinterest at Starbucks or cramming for a quiz, I eventually began heading to the gym during my free hour. Not only did my free hour serve as reminder for me to workout, it also encouraged me to become a better student by completing my assignments the night before in preparation for my workout hour.

  • Get those legs moving more

Staying active doesn’t have to be intimating, try parking a little further away each day or quickly strolling around your campus before your class begins. Utilizing fitness apps or Fit bits that monitor your daily mileage and steps can help you realize how little you’re actually walking and encourage you to actively increase your daily steps. Hiking with friends can be an excellent way to trick yourself into increasing your steps while having loads of fun. 


Lessons from working at a fast food restaurant:

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